CRISPRi as an alternative to CRISPR-cut in human iPSCs

Get help and advice with designing and using CRISPRi in human iPSCs. Discover that CRISPRi is an efficient way to silence transcription, sometimes in a complete manner, with loss of H3K4me3 activation marks. Learn how to eliminate side effects of clonal expansion and sites of viral vector integration by using a method that avoids single-cell selection. You'll hear considerations of the challenges of the methods, such as target-specific lentiviral silencing, efficient silencing levels, and off-target effects. Plus, we compare the method with CRISPR-cut and discuss the suitability and variability of these methods at different loci based on hands-on, low throughput design. Finally, you'll learn the pitfalls, considerations, and examples of silencing as well as how CRISPRi can be used to stably titer the levels of transcription.

This webinar is presented by Pia Johansson, Research Engineer at the Cell and Gene Therapy Core, Lund Stem Cell Centre, Lund University.

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CRISPRi as an alternative to CRISPR-cut in human iPSCs