Complete and Fast 3D Image Analysis in Microscopy

If image analysis is a place you fear to tread, or if you struggle with over complicated and time-consuming microscopy image analysis workflows, this is your opportunity to go beyond those limits.

You will learn a fast, efficient and flexible approach to 4D microscopy image analysis, which yields high quality images and results.

We’ll cover:

• How to handle and process large image data quickly

• How to detect cells, nuclei, membranes and cellular structures easily with interactive image analysis including the use of virtual reality for editing

• How your research can benefit from using server environments for higher throughput and collaboration with other researchers.

Join Dr. Chris Zugates as he takes you through a typical workflow of image analysis, learn how to easily process your data and find the objects of interest quickly and interactively creating meaningful results for publication.

Chris will then show how arivis can support you through the whole workflow from efficient image acquisition up to the presentation of your work via Web or via Virtual Reality to the scientific community.

Complete and Fast 3D Image Analysis in Microscopy