Nucleic acids 101: Confirming Their Quality

Join us in this webinar as Dr. Victoria Doronina helps you determine the quality of your nucleic acids. In this webinar you will learn:

– How to choose the best method to extract your nucleic acids

– Which method you should chose to determine nucleic acid quality

– How to avoid common pitfalls for both extraction and quality control

Virtually all experiments in the molecular biology lab require high quality, pure nucleic acids as a starting material. This sounds simple enough. However, as always, the trouble is in the details. There are several methods to isolate your nucleic acids. But which one is best for your experiment? How do you determine nucleic acid quality? And why does it seem to not be working?

Watch this webinar to find out the answers. Victoria will breakdown the nucleic acid purification process and how to match the right method to the right type of nucleic acid. She will also show you how to avoid common pitfalls and contaminants in isolation and quality control. This webinar is essential for anyone in a molecular biology lab who wants better results in downstream experiments!

Nucleic acids 101: Confirming Their Quality