Garbage In, Garbage Out: Sample Prep for Flow Cytometry

What's more disappointing than running your flow cytometry sample to discover it's rubbish? Especially considering time on cytometers can be precious, even more so if you've booked onto an in-demand one at a busy core facility.

You've done all the work and all the waiting—for nothing.

If this scenario sounds familiar, this episode of Listen In is for you.

Jessica Rowley, Flow Cytometry Facility Manager at Imperial College London, explains how to prepare flow samples optimized for your experiments, to save you time and avoid disappointment.

She has worked with hundreds of samples, so she is the perfect person to tell you how to optimize your flow cytometry protocol, from creating viable single-cell suspensions to staining, fixation, and improving data quality.

Plus, if you're new to flow cytometry, designing a new experiment, or want to improve your data quality, she has some advice on those, too.

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Jessica Rowley
Jessica Rowley
Flow Cytometry Facility Manager, Imperial College London
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Sample Prep for Flow Cytometry