How To Critically Analyze A Research Paper

Don't sabotage your work by missing critical details.

Let's face it; research papers are a pain to read. Their dry language and sheer density make crucial details hard to spot and obscure salient findings.

And if we're being honest, not every researcher is equally scrupulous. 

Sifting through mountains of papers to find the hidden gem that fills in that gap in our understanding is something we all have to do. But it doesn't have to be a burden. Join Dr. Amanda Welch and develop a systematic method to critically analyze scientific papers and discover an efficient way to fully understand their results and limitations.

Save time by knowing what to examine first, stay organized with a checklist that quickly varifies a paper's rigor, and learn the steps to take if you need more information.

Implementing these tools will enhance your critical thinking skills and build a strong foundation for your work.

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How To Critically Analyze A Research Paper