How to Write a Research Paper II: The Anatomy

All research papers have certain elements in common: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. How can you structure your introduction to best frame the research question for your readers? Must the methods section read like a laundry list of reagents? Can you be dramatic in the results without losing objectivity? Is there any room in the concluding section to pose new conflicts?

In this episode of Listen In, we will delve deeper into each of these sections to show you how to tailor them to your audience.

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This is part two of our How To Write a Research Paper series:

I: Telling Your Story
II: The Anatomy
III: Common Problems And How To Overcome Them
IV: Understanding The Publication Process

Creators and Guests

Amanda Welch
Amanda Welch
Science Editor and Writer, AtKisson Training Group
How to Write a Research Paper II: The Anatomy