The Reproducibility Crisis: Why? How? What Now?

Reproducibility is a cornerstone of the scientific technique, and something that is not reproducible is unlikely to be true.

Yet despite its frequent neglect, reproducibility is fundamental. It enables scientists to continue and expand upon existing work and builds trust in science and the scientific method.

So in what ways does the so-called reproducibility crisis hinder good research? What techniques and mindsets can we adopt to address it? How is it perceived by researchers in different areas of life science? And is poor reproducibility inevitable under current circumstances?

Join Max Green, founder of Panorama Laboratories and expert in research reproducibility, for deep dive into these questions and learn what insights Panorama Labs’ reproducibility survey gives us.

Whether you're a bench scientist generating data, involved in evaluating the success and efficacy of results, or responsible for allocating research resources, there is something for you.

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The Reproducibility Crisis: Why? How? What Now?