Top tips for writing a research poster

Are you excited, nervous, or perhaps terrified about presenting a poster for an upcoming conference? Poster sessions can be daunting, no matter if this is your first poster experience or if you've done them before.

Poster sessions are an amazing opportunity to get feedback on your research, make vital connections with others in your field, and hone your presentation skills.

But before you can showcase your amazing research findings, you need to design a poster that captures the attention of conference attendees. In this tutorial, we'll be sharing our top tips and handy hints for creating the best research poster possible.

We cover everything from choosing a compelling title to selecting the right fonts and colors to avoid, and where to stand when presenting your poster. You'll also learn about the importance of layout and positioning and how to make the most of your time when presenting your poster.

Whether you're a seasoned conference attendee or attending your first-ever event, this tutorial is sure to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to create an eye-catching and informative research poster. So, don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your poster designing skills!

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Dr. Jennifer Swift
Dr. Jennifer Swift
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Top tips for writing a research poster